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29.10.2010 The highest quality AdBlue - advice

We are pleased to announce that INTER TRUCK launched an information campaign - Highest quality of AdBlue. The campaign is to promote information
production, distribution and storage of AdBlue. We also want to promote environmental aspects associated with the use of AdBlue in the automotive industry.


Unfair practices
Action is also a response to the signals coming from the market by undercutting the quality of urea solution and its very low price. Appeared on the market because companies that produce and sell a substitute for AdBlue, using its brand. For example, the fluid produced from the urea fertilizer is much cheaper. But the pollution is so great that stimulates the formation of chemical compounds in the catalyst and its destruction. In this situation, indirect losses may be even greater. Immobilization of the vehicle is often associated from the failure of the goods on time, eg for a key customer, not to mention the cost of repair and downtime car and driver.

Who can use the name AdBlue?

AdBlue is a trade name of 32.5 percent. high purity aqueous solution of urea. AdBlue is a registered trademark of the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) and is licensed. This means that each producer who wishes to purchase a license must provide a quality audit, conducted by the VDA. Use AdBlue brand undertakes to respect the strict ISO standards 22241-1/-2/-3/-4. They are associated with the same manufacturing process as well as bottling and storage.

Good to know: Each pack of AdBlue or delivered in bulk (tanker) should be certified ISO 22241-1/-2/-3/-4. Look at the labels and other documents. Protect yourself further: ask to enter the ISO on the invoice of purchase.

What information should include a label?

INTER TRUCK on all their packaging with AdBlue include information related to the production standards, purpose, series, date of manufacture, name of distributor and manufacturer of health and safety issues.


Quality declaration INTER TRUCK

INTER TRUCK declares that distributes AdBlue manufactured by chemical companies that have successfully passed audits by the licensor - VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie). Method of storage and distribution of AdBlue is carried out in accordance with the recommendations and standards VDA. Containers All, tanking systems, accessory (for example, pumps, metering) and cistern is only used for the distribution of AdBlue. We want to provide our customers the highest quality product and service.

Welcome to Cooperation

Łukasz Jagodziński
Managing Director INTER TRUCK
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AdBlue to nazwa handlowa 32,5 proc. wodnego roztworu mocznika. Produkt jest stosowany w branży motoryzacyjnej, jako reduktor w celu rozłożenia w katalizatorze SCR.
INTER TRUCK zajmuje się dystrybucją AdBlue na ternie całego kraju. W ofercie firmy znajdują się również zbiorniki na AdBlue, oleje, smary.