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Ad-Blue Technology

What is Ad-Blue?

AdBlue is a commercial name for a 32.5% high purity carbamide solution The product is used in the automotive industry as a reductor for the decomposition of the nitrogen particles harmful to the environment in the SCR catalyst (Selective Catalytic Reduction).

AdBlue is manufactured as per ISO 22241-1/-2/-3/-4. AdBlue is not a substance classified as hazardous or harmful to the environment. It is not flammable or explosive. The AdBlue consumption rate varies at 4-5% of diesel oil depending on the type of engine (Euro IV or Euro V).



Usage and the EU Standards

AdBlue is applied in the SCR systems used in the automotive industry due to the new legislation governing the emission of exhaust gas in Diesel engines. Since 1 October 2006 vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes must comply with the EURO 4 Standards for the reduction of exhaust gas emission and since 1 October 2009, they must meet EURO 5 Standards. Under the EURO 5 Standard, the emission of harmful nitrogen oxides was reduced by 60% and the emission of particulates (PM) by at least 80%. Starting from 2014 all new goods vehicles shall be required to meet Euro 6, and the registration, sale and the commencement of the operation of any vehicle that does not comply with the standard shall be prohibited. New types of vehicles must meet the requirements (regarding type approval) one year in advance.

Storage and distribution

Since AdBlue is corrosive, INTER TRUCK shall provide additional tanks, refuelling stations and other equipment including pumps, hoses, guns.

At a temperature lower than -11.5°C AdBlue undergoes crystallization. Although crystallization is a reversible process, it causes technical problems and therefore it cannot be used or distributed. The remaining solution has lower concentration, the deposited crystals clogs the installation, and the layers of the urea crystallised at the bottom of the tanks are hard to dissolve.

Depending on the customer's needs, INTER TRUCK provides solutions for individual customers as well as medium and large vehicle fleets that need to have operative AdBlue refuelling systems.


AdBlue to nazwa handlowa 32,5 proc. wodnego roztworu mocznika. Produkt jest stosowany w branży motoryzacyjnej, jako reduktor w celu rozłożenia w katalizatorze SCR.
INTER TRUCK zajmuje się dystrybucją AdBlue na ternie całego kraju. W ofercie firmy znajdują się również zbiorniki na AdBlue, oleje, smary.