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INTER TRUCK specialises in supporting the automotive market. The chief scope of activity is connected with the distribution of AdBlue - a high quality urea water solution used as an agent for reducing the decomposition of nitrogen oxides in the CSR catalyst.

We guarantee high quality of our product, proved by the quality certificates for compliance with the technical conditions of ISO 22241-1/-2/-3/-4.

Our technical and logistic facilities allows us to provide support to our customers in Poland and abroad. Our is distribution system based on direct deliveries. Every day we deliver AdBlue to the transport bases, individual and wholesale customers, offering them the highest quality product.

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We distribute AdBlue in all kinds of packages. INTER TRUCK provides 1000l containers together with pumps plus special filling systems with a capacity of 4 000 up to 12 000 litres to transport companies that use a larger fleet of vehicles equipped with the SCR system. Our offer also includes shipment protection systems and oils and greases by world-renowned manufacturers.


AdBlue to nazwa handlowa 32,5 proc. wodnego roztworu mocznika. Produkt jest stosowany w branży motoryzacyjnej, jako reduktor w celu rozłożenia w katalizatorze SCR.
INTER TRUCK zajmuje się dystrybucją AdBlue na ternie całego kraju. W ofercie firmy znajdują się również zbiorniki na AdBlue, oleje, smary.